Presenting and Clarifying DECIDE Quality

Tue, 10 Jun, 2014

Abstract: Like all colleges and universities entering the online degree arena, the questions of how to undertake assessment for fully online degrees at Campbell University had to be addressed prior to offering those degrees.  Although, Campbell has been in higher education for over 125 years and offering online courses since 1999, online degree offerings did not begin until August 2013.  Assessment techniques for ensuring comparability in the classroom and online can vary, but most are based upon best practices.  Several assessment techniques employed by Campbell University Online include: The DECIDE (Development Evaluation for Course Integrity and Design Elements) Quality Rubric (CCBY), Course Minimum Reviews (CCBY), and formal student, self, and director evaluations.  The DECIDE Quality Rubric will be outlined and discussed including the standards that Campbell University uses to assess online and blended courses at a minimum level and at a quality level as well as the process by which this rubric is used by Campbell University Online.  The session will benefit colleagues teaching online or hybrid programs as the process and rubric highlight many of the best practices in course design.  Colleagues seeking to start or increase online offerings at their college or university will additional benefit from the assessment viewpoint.  

The DECIDE Quality Rubric is Creative Commons licensed allowing changes with attribution to Campbell University.