Students becoming Entrepreneurs

Tue, 10 Dec, 2013     businessentrepreneursmobilemobile devicesmall businesstechnology

Modern technology has a way of making certain parts of our lives easier and more convenient.  For several years now, many small business owners have been trying to take advantage of these modern technologies to help them be more efficient in running their businesses.  Lately, college students have begun using these technologies and getting a head start on becoming entrepreneurs.  I personally know of a college student who sold hand-made scarves to help her fund her mission trip to a foreign country.  There are numerous accounts of students making crafts, like wreaths and other window decorations to help them fund their college tuition.  Stories like this are constantly circling the skies of our colleges and universities as technology has made it so much more convenient to take a payment or donation from customers and donors.  In fact, there are smartphone and tablet applications that are leading the charge for these young entrepreneurs. Check out these mobile applications that make paying a small business owner with a credit/debit card much more convenient:


*Square--pocket-sized credit card swipe attaching to iPhone/iPad (data saved on Square servers, not the device itself).

* Intuit--card reader and app that will allow you to swipe, key, or take a picture of the credit/debit card and have customer sign on the screen before emailing an instant receipt.

*PayAnywhere--card reader with award-winning app that helps the business owner stay more organized with built in reports.

*Flagship ROAMpay--most competitively priced card reader that features low transaction fees.