System Outage Update 8:02pm

Sat, 7 Dec, 2013

Notice: A power outage in Buies Creek, NC resulted in no access to email or Blackboard.  As information becomes available updates will be posted on Facebook and here. 
Update 5:32pm: There is a network issue in Buies Creek, NC.  Due to the networking issue Blackboard is not available.  Email appears to be working. 
Update 6:02pm: All online faculty and all Extended Program staff have been notified via email of the outage due to the network issue. 
Update 6:44pm: An email was received approximately one minute ago with an ETA of 7pm for restoration of Blackboard access.

Update 7:40pm: No further information has been received on the network situation causing Blackboard outage-all Online faculty have been notified.
Update 8:02pm: Blackboard is now available.  No further information is available.