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Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology

Fri, 15 Feb, 2013     effectiveengagementhigher educationteacherstechnology

I just recently read an article called, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology."  I found this to be interesting because much of what is addressed in the article are things that I have experienced while trying to assist classroom teachers in integrating technology into their classroom lessons.  There seems to be a lot of misconceptions including...


Interest in Pinterest:For iPad Integration?

Fri, 28 Dec, 2012     engagementintegrationipadpedagogypinterest

Do you have any interest in gathering and following iPad Integration for both faculty and students in a visual form? If so follow:


TechKnow: November 2012 Edition

Wed, 14 Nov, 2012     engagementfeedbackgradingtechknow

For more of what we can do for you, see the Training & Technology tab in Blackboard.

Katherine Spradley
Director of Distance Education
Campbell University


Benjamin Bloom: Inspiring Higher Learning?

Tue, 5 Jun, 2012     active learningbloom's taxonomycourse designengagementstudent learning outcomes

Maybe you have heard of Bloom's Taxonomy and maybe not.

What can it do for you? Bloom's Taxonomy identifies and classifies levels of learning cognition. In a nut shell, this diagram shows a theoretical order in which we process information and learn.


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