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Online Research:Wikipedia?

Wed, 13 Feb, 2013     researchscholarlyturnitinwikipedia

A recent article by Turnitin suggests that faculty and students don't see eye to eye when it comes to scholarly research.  While students find Wikipedia to be a valid source of information, educators often disapprove of its use as scholarly research.  What are your students using to research and do you need to educate them on proper research...


THE CHRONICLE on Turnitin’s GradeMark Feature

Wed, 16 May, 2012     assignmentsblackboardgrademarktime saverturnitinwriting

I found a very interesting article on THE CHRONICLE Blog regarding Turnitin's GradeMark feature. Migrating to accepting papers electronically can be difficult for some faculty members but it saves the time and hassle of collecting paper copies, keeping up with paper copies, distributing paper copies, finding email submissions, downloading email submissions, marking up email submission or paper submissions, and returning the email submissions.

Campbell has integrated Turnitin with your Blackboard course so there is no need for additional log in credentials.

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Katherine Spradley
Director of Distance Education
Campbell University